Township Government
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Pennsylvania has two types of townships.  First class townships are
mostly located in urban areas with a higher population density. 
Second class townships are mostly in rural areas with a small
population density.  West Providence township is a second class

The governing body of a second class township is comprised of
three supervisors who are elected at-large for a six-year term of
office.  Other elected second class township officials include the tax
assessor, tax collector, and three auditors.  Appointed officers in a
second class township include the secretary, engineer, solicitor, and

Section 607 of the Second Class Township Code, as amended,
places general supervision of the affairs of the township in the
hands of a board of supervisors. The board serves as the legislative
body of the township, setting policy, enacting ordinances and
resolutions, adopting budgets, and levying taxes. Other functions
such as formulating the budget, enforcing ordinances, approving
expenditures, and hiring and firing employees are often delegated
by the board of supervisors to a professional township manager
and/or township staff.
Source: The Pennsylvania Manual